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Streamlining Landlord-Tenant Communications Around the Clock.

Special Offer: Just $29/month for up to 10 units.
Every additional unit is only $3 more.


Your 24/7 Connection

  • Round-the-Clock Bot Assistance: Through text or voice, our automated system is ready to address your tenants' needs—letting them choose their preferred mode of communication.

  • 24/7 Maintenance Phone Call Intake: Efficiently process and categorize all maintenance-related calls, with our friendly Bot, Rosie.

  • Unified Portal Access: Centralize your communication and maintenance work orders with the Tenant TouchPoint Portal.

  • Private TenantChat: Engage with tenants via text or email, all without revealing your personal contact details, thanks to our secure platform.

  • AI-Driven Urgency Detection: Our AI assesses the urgency of maintenance calls and escalates them based on your predefined guidelines.

  • Instant Updates: Receive real-time work orders and troubleshooting outcomes via email or text.

  • Efficient Message Management: We document non-maintenance call messages and ensure they're directed to your chosen contact point.


How We Work

We distribute messages and work orders based on your rules

You preset your rules in our easy to use portal, and we follow them every time!

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"It's an emergency"
"Nothing urgent"

Just shoot me an email

Text my vendor directly, and email me too

"Message only"

Text me the message


Never give your cell phone number out again

When your tenant messages via text, that message goes to your email or text, and your reply goes back to them as a text through from our toll-free number.  

Smart Phone

Why Choose Tenant TouchPoint?

Never give you cell number to a tenant again - we've got you covered 24/7/365

Woman setting up EZ Repair Hotline maintenance call center

Easy Setup

You'll have an easy to input portal

Just input your business rules for communication - you'll have a portal, and it's mobile friendly

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AI Enabled Troubleshooting

From disposals to AC issues, trust us to troubleshoot maintenance with your resident to try to save a service call.  








General Maintenance

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