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TenantChat and TenantChat Plus

Streamline Communication - Preserve Privacy

When your tenant messages via text, that message goes to your email or text, and your reply goes back to them as a text from our private number.  

Smart Phone

Why use TenantChat and TenantChat Plus?

Never give your cell number to a tenant again - we've got you covered 24/7/365


Included with your TenantTouchPoint subscription

Woman setting up EZ Repair Hotline maintenance call center

TenantChat Plus

A communication online portal

Want to use TenantChat in all of your tenant communications?  An upgrade allows you to use TenantChat, with the added benefit of portal communication and texting, with tracking of all communications to and from, for just $19.95 for up to 1,000 interactions per month!

Included at no cost!  For a limited time. 

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