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How It Works

Calls - 24/7/365

Your Portal

Your single point of contact for tenant calls

You will receive a toll free number to provide to you tenants for their phone calls, 24/7/365.  When they call, they will be prompted to enter a text conversation, or they can stay on the line and speak with our AI-enabled call bot, Rosey.  

We can handle work orders, provide them troubleshooting, and prioritize true emergencies - and we can take messages on non-maintenance calls.  

You'll get messaged from us in the format you choose for each of 3 types of calls:

  1. Emergency work order 

 2. Non-emergency work order

 3. Message on non-maintenance issue

Want to get a text on emergencies, but not the others?  Want us to text your handyman on real emergencies?  In a 5 minute setup, you set the rules and we follow them. 

Renewal and Cancellation

Your account will renew each month, but you can cancel anytime!  Just let us know 3 business days before the next billing and we will turn you off.  

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